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it’s your fault people are looking at your nudes. you should have given yourself the “never nude” trait.

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why cats are cool: they’re soft, they’re cute, they don’t vote.

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for the record, I’m not waking up anybody who says ‘wake me up when September ends.’ have fun in eternal hibernation, nerds.

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what, privacy?! human decency?! ridiculous! if you didn’t want people to see you, maybe you shouldn’t have taken nudes in the first place hmmm?! in fact, why are you so concerned about people seeing you?? why are you clothed right now anyway?! if you’ve got nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear!!!!1

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Welcome back to House Hunters: Anarchist Edition. When we last left our comrades, they were about to make their final decision, and they’ve chosen the two-story house with the large backyard! A steal at $250,000, this vacant house is actually a steal, because the commune will be squatting here for now. Thanks for watching, join us next episode when a market anarchist couple searches for a house to fit their 1,000 bitcoin budget. See you next time or see you in hell.

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this video is rated XXX! for hot action!!! graphic explosions!! and bald guys!!! actually, it’s just a compilation of a fully-clothed Vin Diesel lookalike skateboarding through burning buildings. sorry for the confusion.

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my anaconda don’t want none pizza with left beef

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less footage of women being “bad” shared without their permission, more footage of cops being bad shared without their permission

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my mixtape drops next week. it drops the week after that too. once a week I throw my mixtape on the ground to feel in control of my life.

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this Election Day, be a good citizen and go to the polls. cast a vote for freedom by booing very loudly and putting peanut butter in the ballot machines. it’s your civic duty.

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Nah, I mean imagine how definitive the Michael Brown case would be if there was footage of the whole scenario playing out.
Anonymous asked

Sure, if the Michael Brown confrontation were filmed, there would be evidence, making for an open-and-shut case. We’d have a “dialogue” about the use of police force, an officer would get a slap on the wrist, and we’d go on with our lives. Ferguson police might have a few less people standing up to defend them, but otherwise it would be much the same.

There are plenty of incidents of police brutality that have made it onto film without consequences for the officer, without “justice” being served. In a twist of cruel irony, sometimes the person filming is the one who receives the punishment for obstructing justice.

I wasn’t saying cops shouldn’t be filmed. Quite the opposite: as long as the current policing system persists, catching police in action will sometimes provide a good measure of keeping them in check, if you’re privileged enough to be able to film them without becoming a target yourself. I’m not about just “keeping cops in check” though. All the cameras in the world won’t change the minds of people who are hellbent on justifying the use of force, and it won’t change the fact that this case was the result of a system of institutionalized oppression and racism and ever-increasing militarization.

The Michael Brown case isn’t the most egregious instance of police overstepping their bounds. It’s not the first time cops have shot an innocent kid, and it won’t be the last. “Keeping them in check” is not an end in itself, and it’s not a solution to a problem that extends far beyond a few cops on a power trip.

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this is a tough economy for babies. really, their only job options are professional drooler, air unfreshener, and video game journalist.

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police officers wearing cameras


  • increased accountability
  • decreased brutality
  • reduced public complaints


  • treats symptoms, not cause
  • that’s more footage of donut shop interiors than needs to exist
  • too similar to TV show Cops, lawsuit from Fox likely

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